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AccuteX in IMTS 2018

AccuteX in IMTS 2018


GE-43SAiL Wire EDM

Live Demo showing the Lead in/out, S-Cut and Automatic Wire Threading.

AccuteX Linear Motor Drive & 0.1 µm Linear Glass Scale Resolution

Ergonomic Drop Door

3 µm Accuracy with S-Cut for fine finishing down to Ra 9 micro inch

Lead IN/OUT Technology < 2 µm Witness Mark after 4 Cuts

Patented Thermal Annealing Wire Threader

wire cut edm

AL-600SA Wire EDM

Live Demo from Solid Model --> Part Pick-up --> Finish MARPOS Probe / ESPRIT Onboard / 6 Axis / MST-Ⅱ/
Fine Surface (5 Ra uin) / PCD Cutting
The AL-600SA will be fully equipped with 6 Axis capability, MST-Ⅱ Fine Surface (Ra 5 micro inch), PCD Cutting Circuit, MARPOS Probe and ESPRIT on Board. Go from Solid Model to Part Pick-up to finished part easily, efficiently and accurately.

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