Wire Cut EDM Manufacturer

  • HG-80


●Casting Design

* The overall tool spindle utilizes a box-type structure for better rigidity.
* Weighted ram is all-in-one structure, reducing vibration during machining. Large triple sliding structure sitting on saddle rails ensure rigidity stability during operation.

●Windows Controller


* Controller is capable for Remote Monitoring and GPRS functions to
monitor machine's status anytime.
* Machining conditions database for operator to finish machining easily.
* User friendly functions: Electrode Center Finding, Relative Coordinate Function, Auto Detecting Surface, Auto Stop, Stop Position set and etc.

●Fine Edge Machining

* Ultra fine Edge machining ability can make 0.01mm round edges.
* Material: SKD11
* Processing depth: 0.3mm
* Surface fine finish: Ra 0.25μm

●Fine Finish Power System

Item Content
Size of Electrode 25mmx1mm
Material of Electrode Copper
Workpiece NAK80
Machining Time  
Electrode Wearing Rate <0.1%
Machine Depth 0.5mm


* Ultra-fine finish Ra 0.07μm, saving additional post-processing time.

●Graphite Electrode Power System


Item Content
Size of Electrode 25mmx1mm
Material of Electrode Graphite
Workpiece SKD-11
Machining Time 90 minutes
Electrode Wearing Rate <0.1%
Machine Depth 20mm

* Graphite machining discharging rate is 34%~200% faster compare to
copper electrode. In thin graphite machining case, finish 20mm depth
within 90 minutes. Higher metal removal rate with reduce wear.


●High Efficiency Machining

High speed algorithms to archive electrode reaction speed up to 6m/min, improve servo respond, greatly increasing dispersal rate of discharged material,
thereby enabling highly efficient and reliable EDM machining.